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musicbox1 Music Box
My wife collects music boxes.  So one year I made her this one.  I made lots of brownie points as I made the music that plays the same as the music that was played at our wedding!  The designs for these are almost limitless, so they can be customized to whatever you need.
musicbox2 Just another view of the Music Box
bagel Bagel Cutter
One day I just about cut the end of my finger off while slicing a bagel in half.  After that I decided to never have it happen again.  You just pop the bagel in and can hold it at the top if you want.  Then put the knife in the slot in the side and cut it down the middle.
coffeegrinder Coffee Grinder
This is really just something to look at, not actually for grinding coffee.  However, it will grind coffee, I tried it.  There is a sliding cover on the bowl of the grinder to put in the coffee beans.  Turn the handle and the ground coffee all comes out in the drawer in the bottom.  Good conversation piece.
napkin Napkin Holder
I know this looks a lot like the bagel cutter.  It should, it is the same pattern, just left out the slot for the knife.  It works very well and looks like a matching set with the bagel cutter.
poboxbank3 Post Office Box Bank
The kids really love these banks.  They are made to last, like a little safe.  3/4" Oak all around with brass handles and corners.  No screws or nails used in box construction.  The doors are from a very nice guy I found that buys these from Post Offices that upgrade or close.  I have used these as Christmas gifts for years.  I put a couple of hands full of change, some bills and a dozen polished rocks inside.  They think they have hit the mother lode.  All their valuables fit inside and with the combination, their brothers and sisters OUT.
wagon4 Covered Wagon
What do you do with the grandkids when you go to the farmers market or a music festival?  Well, you put them in a wagon, but not just any wagon, a covered wagon so they can be save from the rain and hot sun.  My daughter made a canvas cover for this that sticks on with velcro.  The sides roll up and tie so they can see out when they want.  The thing on the rear wheel is a wheel chock so the wagon doesn't roll away when you don't want it to.  The entire top part above the box breaks down easily and fits in a bag when you don't need it.
lapdesk1 Lap Desk
The kids love this one.  It's like their own personal briefcase.  The top is a white board and inside is storage for a lot of paper and writing instruments.  Of course lots of other things find their way inside too.  No screws or nails used in construction, only to attach the piano hinge and closure latch.  The box has dovetail corners and the top has mortise and tenon joints.
lapdesk3 Just the inside of the Lap Desk
doll-std Doll Bed
Here is my first attempt at a doll bed.  They can be made any size.  This one was made for one of those American Girl dolls.
dollmission This is another model of the doll bed.  The super version.  It is mission style, made with no screws or nails.  All mortise and tenon.
truck Pickup Truck
Here is a sturdy pickup truck.  These are really tough and stand up to a lot of punishment.
box4 Jewelry Box
A present for my daughter.  The box is made of Maple.  The top and corner wedges are made of Walnut.  I thought it was beautiful and luckily, so did she.  The top and bottom 'float' in the joinery and are not glued.  This should avert any cracking in the wood with the changes in weather.  There are two lift out trays inside to hold all the goodies.
tray2 Lap Tray
My wife kept seeing these and really liked them.  I kept looking at them and saying, I can make one better than that.  Well, finally after a couple of years, I finally did.  I had some really nicely figured pine that just fit the bill.
toolbox3 Toolbox
OK, so Wade is my niece's son, he's a great kid so I thought that he needed a toolbox.  This one has his name routed into both sides and made of a nice durable hardwood.  So now lets see if he actually puts his tools away in it.
thread3 Thread Cabinet
My mother in law said she wanted somewhere to store her thread.  It had to store a lot of thread, be easy to use and be convenient.  so here is what I came up with.  Basically just a cabinet that you attach to the wall.  It holds both big and small spools.  Each little shelf has a bunch of spindles on it that hold the thread.  You can see that each shelf tilts out for easy thread removal, then just tilts back when you are done.  The whole thing is only about 3 inches deep, so it does not stick out from the wall.

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