Duggan Woodworks

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shakerbench Shaker Bench
My wife said she needed somewhere to sit in the bedroom to put on her shoes.  So I came up with this little bench.  There are no nails or screws in this bench.  If you look closely at the top, you can see that the two legs have tenons that come up through the seat.  These are split and a walnut wedge is inserted to lock everything in place.  It is quite sturdy and looks good.
twinbed Twin Bed
This is a Mission Style bed made of cedar.  It was designed by my daughter for her room.  She wanted it to resemble a day bed.  No nails or screws, all mortise and tenon joinery.  The long boards are through mortises and go all the way through the bedposts.
breadtable Bread Table
We don't actually use this for making bread, but the style was used for making bread by my grandmother.  There is never enough counter space in a kitchen.  My wife needed more counter space and some room for storage.  This piece give both with some drawers for additional storage.
breadbox Breadbox
This piece is made of pine.  It has punched aluminum in the two bottom doors as panels.  The top door lifts up from the bottom to top and is where the bread is kept.  the middle door opens down and has two shelves for storage.  The bottom also opens from the top, but is actually a hinged bin for storing potatoes and onions.  This piece is very handy and does not take up much floor space.
bookcase Bookcase
I call this a bookcase, but I actually use it for storing shoes.  the closet did not have enough room to keep all of them and I got tired of them cluttered on the closet floor.  I did not have much space, so I made this piece just big enough to fit in the space I had and under a window.  It works great and at some point I can actually use it for books.
PodiumSmallSmall Desktop Podium
A Rotary Club in Council Bluffs Iowa wanted a podium for their meetings.  This one is made of oak.  We put an aluminum Rotary logo  on the front.
Podium-largeLarge Podium
My Rotary Club in Gardner Kansas desperately needed a new podium for our club meetings.  The old one was beat up pretty bad and falling apart.
This one is make of oak.  I had a nice  plaque make for the front (Russell Hampton Company: www.ruh.com) with our club name and Rotary logo.

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